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Who we are?



The Díodeplus Associates are a group of management and human-resources professionals with extensive business and teaching experience. This experience is complemented by applying the latest management theories, while always maintaining our ethical commitments to society and individuals.





Our vision



Díodeplus Associates' vision is to boost cultural change in the values of small and medium-sized businesses. Our aim is to become a point of reference for our clients when they are making a strategic assessment of their goals, management systems and processes. We also aim to fulfil this role when they are formulating labour relations as a strategic resource for ensuring company goals are met.





Our mission



► Advising small and medium-sized businesses in processes of strategic change, planning the process, training the people who will oversee the change and leading its implementation.


► Acting as an independent consultant in projects for setting up new information and communication technology solutions. Acting as a bridge between our clients and the companies that can provide them with technology services. Analysing the project, both from a tangible viewpoint (cost/benefit studies) and an intangible one (added value provided by the project). Seeing Information and Communication Technologies as an instrument within the strategic policies of our clients, rather than as an end in itself.


► Organisational and social-environment assessments in the headquarters of our client companies. Examining problems, processes and situations, identifying dysfunctions; and analysing them, summarising them and proposing suitable and viable solutions. Getting the people affected involved.


► Advising our clients on how to reformulate internal labour relations, promoting consideration of intellectual capital (people, their skills and the organisational culture) as an essential and irreplaceable strategic resource.


► Promoting the certification of companies that respect the mental health of the people involved (workers, management, shareholders clients and suppliers).






Our values





The actions of Díodeplus professionals are guided by the principles of independence


and balance.




Díodeplus will ensure compliance with the law at all times.



Loyalty and Confidentiality

Díodeplus will be loyal to its clients and will maintain the proper attitude


with respect to other professionals.



Integrity and Rigour

Díodeplus takes truthfulness as a standard in its professional affairs at all times.



Creativity and Objectivity

When carrying out its professional activities, Díodeplus will treat all the facts


and information related to an issue in accordance with objective criteria.




Díodeplus carries out its work extremely diligently and ensures technical and professional  


standards are met.





Letter from Aïda Díodeplus Director







  Office in BARCELONA:



Carrer Aragó, 390

Tel. 34 932 700 303
Skype: diodeplus

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