Management optimization of Hotel monthly RevPAR

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Are you losing control of your inventory?, are you allowing competitors to decide your price?, without Yield Management hotel managers are going adrift, we'll help you in setting up an according price policy


offers a comprehensive service to the client, in the following areas


offers a consulting service to Hotels, Restaurants and Golfs

Veure SERVEIS d'Adsumma

offers the service of outsourcing business management

  • Tax

  • Accountant

  • Labour

  • Uniform System of Accounts

Veure SERVEIS d'Adsumma

offers the service of outsourcing commercial management


offers the service of à la carte on-line consulting of daily sales prices

in order to optimise total income and the hotel's RevPAR





Corporate strategy

Business strategy

Strategy for increasing sales

Cost-reduction strategy


Strategic due diligence

Creating present and future value for shareholders or owners

We work together with our clients to develop and implement the right strategies for the challenges of the 21st century. 

Díodeplus acts as a catalyst for change and progress in our client firms, working in line with the firm's real and potential resources for achieving its goals.

For Díodeplus, the strategic vision is the nucleus of our activity as consultants, obtaining measurable results for our clients.




Innovation management

Improved competitiveness

Quality and productivity

Improved processes

Digitalized processes

Operational efficiency

Fiscal deductions applicable to R&D projects and technological innovation projects

Innovation is an important means of creating value. It is not a synonym for great ideas and inventions; it is the use of a business's resources in a non-routine way.

We work with our clients to identify real innovation opportunities and find the means with which to exploit their know-how.

For Díodeplus, strategic innovation management is closely related to competitiveness, and its aim is to increase income and "the top- and bottom-line" result.




Assessment and implementation of ERP and CRM information systems

Functional analysis of new IT applications

Assessment of ICT efficiency and digital improvements

Development of websites

Electronic commerce

E.V.A. and Burn Rate analysis

Information and communication technologies have revolutionised the way that businesses are managed.

Díodeplus works with its client businesses in analysing their needs and searching for technological solutions, bridging the gap between our clients and the suppliers of technology services, and reducing the risks, costs and time taken to implement them.

For Díodeplus, the strategic use of information and communication technologies aligns them with business objectives.




Selection and recruitment

Analysis of work positions, organisation and definitions of professional profiles

Training Plans

Prevention of occupational risks

Organisational diagnoses and diagnoses of the social environment

Psycho-social audits

Incentive and motivation programme

As the business world - along with the world in general- becomes more vibrant, complex and competitive, attracting, retaining and motivating human capital becomes increasingly critical if a business is to be successful. 

Even though many management 'gurus' and other experts have been preaching it for years, it is true to say that people are the most valuable resource in any business.

For Díodeplus, intellectual (human and structural) capital is an irreplaceable strategic resource.




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