Management optimization of Hotel monthly RevPAR

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Are you losing control of your inventory?, are you allowing competitors to decide your price?, without Yield Management hotel managers are going adrift, we'll help you in setting up an according price policy


Parity yes or no

Even though that we are habituated does not mean that it is positive for the sector. The parity as it is being applied in Spain is a loss of standing of our product…

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Study On the Behavior of Information and Buys of the Spanish Traveler

Quantitative survey between Spanish adults realized between November 2009 - January 2010...

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All hotels cannot have the same price

We are in the habit of comparing our prices with the prices of other hotels. This, next to the proliferation of Internet, has diluted...

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What is speculation and what is revenue

Many hotelkeepers are sure that to be up-to-date, it is necessary to proclaim that they practice revenue, But, is it really revenue...

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Web 2.0 a question of attitude, non technological

Web 2.0 is the evolution from traditional applications towards applications that work through Web focused on final user, it generates collaboration...

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Yield management for Groups

In yield management the problem, when we evaluate a potential group, is to calculate its contribution to total income of the hotel...

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Andreu Mas-Colell, European Research Council

John Kenneth Galbraith said of him: "If he were from USA, he already would be an economics prize Nobel time ago"...

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Query on demand daily price of sale

Aïda Díodeplus SL displays its innovative query on demand public daily price of Hotel rooms sales...

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Opportunities that crisis brings to us

Now, just now, is moment for thinking that this crisis is a great opportunity to examine what we have doing until now...

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Segmentation as talisman against crisis

At moments of demand weakness, like present days, there is temptation to always fight for being more cheap and cheap...

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